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How much of my community is active?

Development of activity rate over time, current activity rate and most active members in the last 30 days.
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☝️ Answering the question

  • How does member and activity growth compare in my community?
  • What is activity rate and what is its current value?
  • Who are the most active members?

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Activity rate

Integrations Used


Community Growth
Community Health

Frequestly Asked Questions

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What is a dashboards template?

AhoyConnect template is a pre-build dashboard structure to monitor specific community data.

How do I access templates? Are they free?

All templates are available in your AhoyConnect accounts in the templates library. You can use them in your project with just two simple clicks as many times as you want. In the future some templates will be available just in specific pricing plans.

How do I use a template?

Very easily, just choosing a template from the library in the app and click "use template" and you're all set.

Can I make my own templates?

Unfortunately not at the moment, but in the near future we want our community to be able to create and share their own templates. Stay tuned!

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