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AhoyConnect enables community-led growth through data and analytics. We close the gap between the community and its impact on the business with unified, actionable insights to empower community leaders.

Connect platforms

We support a number of community forums, including Slack, Discord, Discourse, and GitHub.

A single dashboard view

Explore key metrics in an aggregated view of your community data. We unify your community platforms to provide you with the most accurate insights, across all of your community tool stack.

Segment your user-base

Use our segmentation feature to better understand your users  - create cohorts to deliver actionable engagement tactics that are relevant and best-suited for your community.

Identify brand ambassadors, moderators, or product advocates

Build relationships that matter - increase member advocacy and referral rates, get product feedback, minimize user churn.

Empower your product strategy by identifying product champions

Increase adoption rates by engaging with the right product advocates.

Link marketing events

Uncover acquisition and upsell opportunities, define ROI of your marketing activities in relation to community.

Easily report to the team and leadership

Share your community performance metrics and KPIs inside your organization.

Benefits for every role

Start measuring the impact of your community on your business.

Community Managers

Save time on manual reporting and analysing your community data. Keep your members engaged and see the key performance metrics from multiple platforms in one single dashboard.


Discover how your campaigns, content or event strategy resonates with the community. Identify trends and measure response to iterate on your activities.


Add in a new data set to inform your strategic initiatives across product, sales and revenue leaders.

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Product Features

Single dashboard

Connect multiple platforms to get a full-picture overview.

Shareable reports

Share your community metrics with the team.

User activity

Top contributors, ambassadors and influencers at your fingertips. Easily choose and award your moderators.

User segments

Create cohorts of users to better understand the engagement and performance.


Connect multiple platforms to get a full-picture overview.

Engagement data and trends

Connect with marketing campaigns, sales strategy, product launches and quantify impact

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