How Vue Storefront was able to unify community data using AhoyConnect

Vue Storefront is the fastest-growing frontend project in the world, supported by an active community of open source enthusiasts. Their clients include brands like Zadig & Voltaire, Tally Weijl, Zenith, Netatmo and Gastro Hero.

Built with an open-source mindset and the trust of a global community, Vue Storefront provides developers with modern and forward-thinking technical solutions crafted to meet common eCommerce industry challenges.

Today, Vue Storefront is not only the fastest-growing open-source eCommerce project on GitHub, it is also the core product of an entire ecosystem built around it – including Vue Storefront Next, Shopware PWA, Storefront API, and Storefront UI.
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The problem: No way to measure or understand community impact

Because of the complex tech stack Vue Storefront’s community sits on, the team was struggling to get an overview of their most active members. Among other things, this made it difficult to identify potential ambassadors.

Another pain point was not being able to group personas across different community platforms into segments in order to observe their behavior over time. This resulted in endless hours of manual work and static datasheets.

The team wanted to bring in a personalized experience for their educational program. With the implementation of educational material, there was no viable way to tag community members based on their completion rate of the program. This made it challenging to measure the overall impact of the community on business outcomes.

The solution: AhoyConnect as a unified source of true for community data

After connecting their community stack via AhoyConnect integrations, Heitor Ramon, Head of Developer Relations at Vue Storefront, was able to get an instant 360-degree view of its community and check its overall health. The next step was to create segments based on member behavior to be observed over time.

Why did they choose AhoyConnect over other solutions? Here’s what Heitor Ramon had to say:
"We were looking for tools to get a deeper understanding of our audiences across our community platforms (GitHub, Twitter, Discord, etc.). After investigating competitors, we concluded that AhoyConnect provided the best solution, with the cleanest interface, and without any black box on how you measure the community.

As for the available tools and analytics, the price of AhoyConnect was a reasonable option. You pay upfront for the usage, and you always have great support, feedback, and help from the team at AhoyConnect. Their white-glove service is a big advantage and sets them apart from competing tools."
Heitor Ramon
Head of Developer Relations

Clear results and benefits

Adopting AhoyConnect has transformed the way the team operates, providing visibility and insights around key community metrics. The benefits are clear for all to see.

“I enjoy going into the dashboard and seeing member activity. We focus on active users across community channels, and this is exactly what the unified dashboard delivers. I can see in one go that the team is on track when it comes to responding to members on our end, getting back to any messages that were directed to us. Seeing the proportional stats of active vs inactive users and putting them in defined segments gives us the ability to target the right member base with dedicated, efficient content,” said Yonela, product marketing manager (community).

When asked about her experience of using AhoyConnect, Yonela has this to say: 
“I've had a great experience using AhoyConnect so far. The personalized onboarding really stood out for me. It was amazing! A dedicated product walkthrough and detailed explanation of all the capabilities – this helped me tremendously to adopt the platform into my daily routine. I'm very impressed that within such a short amount of time, you guys have managed to build a tool that fits our needs exactly."
Yonela Ntlahla
Product Marketing Manager (Community)

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