Content tracking

Understand what community is talking about

Track and monitor what your members are talking about across different platforms in one place
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Discover and unify all the voices in one place

Ability to live tracking user generated content from platforms you never had visibility into
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Truly understand the sentiment of your community

Find out how your community really feels about your project, features, events, ... and adjust your communication and activities accordingly
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Never miss any important conversation with keywords tracking

Discover trending topics, understand what community loves about your project and prevent conversations from heating up before it's too late
AI keywords suggestions
Smart identification of trending keywords you should track
Sentiment analysis
Analyze sentiment on segment of users, channels or keywords
Quick look into trending messages and thread across channels in one feed
History backfill
Fetching historical data from integrations even more than a year back

Finding insights about our community marketing efforts has been a challenge. With AhoyConnect we are able to see how users interact with our portfolio brands, pinpoint how certain activities lead to community growth and see what needs to be improved internally.

Ariane Murphy

Portfolio CMO @Forcefield

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