Community member data platform

Get a 360° view on your members

Bust down data silos by connecting all of your data and understand the complete context of your userbase
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Understand your members with a complete context

Map all relevant data from different sources into one cohesive user profile
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Setup engagement scores for behavioral data

Fine-tune your community's engagement metrics by creating a personalized scoring system that allows you to identify key member behaviors and evaluate their engagement accordingly
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Segment across all of your data and save target audiences

Create dynamic user segments from in-depth filtering and track specific audiences movement, users profiles and more
Identity matching
Automatic recognition and resolution of identic user profiles across multiple platforms
Advanced filtering
In-depth filtering allowing for complex queries across the whole platform
Manually or automatically tag groups of members based on specific criteria
Data export
Ability to export members and all of their data to a .csv
Manual import
Import members individually or with an automated .csv import and mapping functionality
Custom activities
Event attendance, product subscribition, ... assign any custom activity to members

We’ve been working with Ahoy for more than 4 months now, and it’s obvious they are the right choice to partner with for community data analytics.
Through a great number of easy-to-setup integrations, built-in activity scoring and user segmentation, we can monitor our community’s health metrics and identify valuable contributors in one convenient place. We receive unique insights that enable us to become better partners for our community.

Alpar Csigo-Gyorbiro

Community Manager,
Near Foundation

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