AhoyConnect Lands $3M in Seed Funding, Places Community Data at the Forefront of Growth

September 11, 2021
| by
Tomas Jasovsky

As the saturation of other channels continues to rise, community-led is becoming the leading growth strategy. A layer that's naturally closest to all members can become a company's most valuable asset.

The problem is that organizations lack the understanding of what happens inside their community and the value it brings to the business. And that's what we're here for!

Think about us as your data partner who is here to help you with a full visibility of your community data and provide actionable insights to improve customer acquisition, aid in retention, and inform product decisions.

Our goal is to make the community a center point for growth by utilizing community data to power other stakeholders across the organizations.

The AhoyConnect platform leverages powerful metrics that quantify how community impacts sales, product, marketing, success, and other departments. The product integrates with existing community tools like Discourse, Slack, InSided, Discord, Twitter, and GitHub, plus offers a custom API to connect to internal data sources, giving organizations one centralized dashboard of all its members, their actions, and behaviors.

The data is further translated into valuable analytics and insights, allowing community managers & business leaders to discover which platforms drive new customers, identify sales prospects and product champions with the most influence, and automate repetitive community management tasks.

We're now thrilled to announce that we've closed a $3m in Seed funding to help us bring more visibility and data-made decisions to thousands of b2b communities around the world. The round was led by Inovo and KAYA with participation from our pre-seed investor Lighthouse.

This is incredible news for our remote team. Now we're ready to scale up our team to really become not just the best product on the market but also an organization that is here to stay for long!

We're building a team of problem solvers from a remote-first generation. We've tripled in size over the last two months, and our remote team spreads across the globe - from Ireland to Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Luxembourg to Brazil, and USA.

Most importantly, we want to thank our early adopters, advisors and friends that helped up from the days when AhoyConnect didn't even exist and we've been building an automation platform AhoyTeam. This is just the beginning and we'll be working hard to deliver on the promise of becoming a category-defining solution for community-led-growth market.

Tomas Jasovsky

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