Community Manager job description, skills, and salary

March 24, 2022

With an online community as a marketing and product tactic, there must come someone to devise, execute and oversee the activities associated with it.

Also, a Community Manager role requires a very specific skill set; definitely more than an honours degree as proof of capability.

This article will explain:

What is an (online) Community Manager and what do they do?

An online community manager is someone who creates, grows, and maintains online communities, usually for a company or a cause. A marketing professional who is in charge of a company's online community's management and development.

Difference between Community Manager and Social Media Manager

Where a Social Media Manager cultivates the digital marketing landscape, a Community Manager nurtures it and allows it to blossom - if done successfully.

A Social Media Manager is focused on the brand representation and experience of the audience with the company on certain social-media-only channels and on generating leads and brand recognition through 1-way communication. A Social Media Manager lives and operates only in the digital arena and always under the company’s official name. 

On the other hand, the Community Manager is responsible first and foremost for creating a sense of belonging, engaging with members, and creating a space where they can interact with each other as well as the company’s key people.

The Community Manager is focused on 2-way communication and fostering connections between members. The Community Manager will always be present as their own selves (as opposed to a company social media profile) on the company’s platforms.

Also, as opposed to a Social Media Manager, the Community Manager entails being present both online and offline.

As a result of widened scope, the responsibilities also cover more activities, such as live events, conferences, etc.

Example job description for a Community Manager

Community Manager responsibilities

Skills and requirements

Community Manager interview questions

How has your previous experiences prepared you for this role?

The Community Manager role is still a relatively new one, so it might happen that there will be some candidates in the pipeline without the Community manager experience on their resume.

This question is used by hiring managers to determine how well a candidate's previous work experience and educational background match the job requirements. Making a list of the most relevant qualifications and matching them to the job description's requirements is the ideal solution.

It's important to explain how the experience will help the employer in this particular role.

How do you handle confrontation?

The Community Manager shouldn’t be afraid of confronting harsh feedback, whether on the product or the company they represent. This is an important part of daily responsibilities. Also, it is important to know what are some conflict resolution strategies they know and employ

What is the Community Manager's salary?

An average salary for a Community Manager role ranges from $44,000 to a whopping $175,000, with an average of around $80,000, all depending on the location, experience, seniority and skillset.

How to become a Community Manager?

Career path for Community Managers

There is no clear path to become a Community Manager however, there are people who thrive in this role, and they are: 

Skills needed to become a Community Manager

Benefits of having a Community Manager role in a company

One of the underlying benefits of having a Community Manager on board is always being in sync with the core users of your product - no other role can substitute that. Thanks to this your company will be able to better understand how people interact with the product, what are the best use cases, how you can improve it based on organic and genuine feedback. They will be the liaison between the product, the company, and the users.

The Community Manager will help strengthen the company vision and mission by creating a core group of advocates.

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