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Community + Data  =  💛

We believe community-led is the ‘next big thing’ for how creators, startups, and enterprises grow, but... today, community managers lack the understanding of what really happens inside their audience and what value it brings to the business. That is why we’re building AhoyConnect - a community data intelligence platform enabling organizations to understand, grow, engage, automate, and derive value from their audiences.

🌏 How we work

We're building a team of problem solvers from a remote-first generation.

We are a fully remote team that values transparency, clear communication, and the discussion of facts and opinions, and we strive to create an environment where all team members feel empowered to take initiative, experiment, learn from mistakes, and share opinions freely.


We work hard and we work smart...

Building a startup is not easy. We need to hustle, innovate, and be smart about our actions. Sometimes it will mean working longer hours, sometimes it might feel like more pressure. We're in for the common end-goal and believe that the delayed gratification will be worth it!


… but we take care of ourselves

You know best when and where you’re at the top of your game and when you need more rest. We believe in flexible working hours as well as more spontanoues day(s) off when needed - be sure to listen to your body and communicate with the team around that. 


We speak up and seek feedback

We believe in continuous learning and feedback plays a major role here. Everyone is encouraged to share their thoughts, experiences and learnings as frequently as possible - there is no 'good' or 'bad' timing for sharing your perspective. We have an internal guideline on how to give it and receive it.


We're independent, yet collective

Be your own manager, but don't be afraid to reach out for help. Being remote-first, ownership is what we value a lot. Nonetheless, we always stay open to supporting each other or brainstorming together…

Meet the team

Tomas Jasovsky


Michal Macejko


Adam Staniszewski


Robert O'Beirne

Head of Sales

Jakub Kubis

Head of Product

Kacper Zambrzycki

Head of Operations

Alex Romanov

Sr. Engineering manager

Livia Orencakova

Product Marketer

Tom Markovic

Finance Manager

Stan Savitskiy

Backend Engineer

Maciej Bukowski

Sr. Information Security Manager

Tomas Privora

Lead Software Engineer

Tomas Katz

Frontend Engineer

Jerome Lefebre

Customer Success Manager

Kamil Pavlicko

Sr. Backend Engineer

Filip Zachar

Technical Lead

Zbynek Novotny

Talent Lead

André Silva

Lead DevOps Engineer

Kristina Gaytandzhieva

Marketing Specialist

Atik Lahiyane

Lead Data Engineer

Karol Nowacki

Search Acquisition Manager

Adam Keane

SDR Analyst

Kamil Lafere

Sr. Product Designer

Lukas Macner

Growth Manager

Jakub Kuba

Product Manager

Daniel Mazac

Operations Associate

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