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Ahoy to a home of community insights

Ahoy to a home of community insights for



Actionable reports, data visualizations, and insights to optimize your community and help you reach your targets.

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Community insights at your service

A new approach to Community impact

We recognize that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we’ve built our platform to be modular and a fit to specific types of communities.

Developer communities

A platform for Developer Relations leaders to understand, measure, and prove the ROI of their communities.
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Web3 communities

Enter the age of Web3 equipped with data-driven approach to community-building.
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Seamlessly integrate your full community GTM stack

Get the full data picture. We combine your community tools and channels with your business data to provide a single source of insight.
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Don’t just take our word for it

We're proud to be working with these incredible companies, and thankful for their feedback, suggestions, and support.

Victoria Tokarz
Head of Community @Scribe
The Ahoy product is great, but the Ahoy team is even better. In every single conversation I've had with the team, it's clear that they're deeply committed to building a product for community teams. First-class onboarding, support, and overall just a pleasure to work with. Shout out to y'all
Filip Rakowski
Co-founder & CTO @VueStorefront
We are using @AhoyConnect for 2 days and I love the tool but what makes the experience even better is the support!
Sarah Lean
Lead DevOps Advocate @OctopusDeploy
It's always a pleasure when I get the chance to catch up with the @AhoyConnect team. Such a helpful pleasant bunch of folk!
Ahoy Data Community
The space where professionals in data and community gather to leverage the impact of data on communities and companies’ growth.
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Jared Robin
Co-founder @RevGenius
Community is testing a bunch of tools to optimize for X (often engagement).
That’s fine - but baselining data to understand true effectiveness of what’s tested is missing. Additionally connecting it with all your systems that you’re using for non community revops and marketing activities is essential to see impact across full funnel; before Ahoy that was extremely difficult.
Jona Azizaj
Developer Relations
AhoyConnect empowers us to better understand our community members' journey across different platforms — all in one place. With the provided insights and the scoring system we put in place, we can identify our most active members, find better ways to grow, and keep our community engaged.
Heitor Ramon
Head of Open Source @VueStorefront
We were looking for tools to get a deeper understanding of our audiences across our community platforms (GitHub, Twitter, Discord, etc.). After investigating competitors, we concluded that AhoyConnect provided the best solution, with the cleanest interface, and without any black box on how you measure the community.
Prokop Simek
CEO @DXHeroes
With data and insights into the community, we finally have visibility into which members are the most valuable. This allows us to effectively focus on building it and supporting Developer Relations to scale quickly. Ahoy’s personal approach inspires us to deliver better results.

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14 Days Free Trial    No credit card required